Whether you plan to buy or sell a home or land in your local area, a knowledgeable conveyancer when buying new apartment developments in Sydney will make your life much easier and is just as essential as a good real estate agent. So how do you find a good conveyancer when new apartment developments in Sydney?

As with any profession, not all conveyancers when buying new apartment developments in Sydney were created equal. In the same way that you would interview any professional, including real estate agents before you trust them to sell your house, you should also look into finding a conveyancer that you trust.

Before you go searching you should make sure you understand the difference between conveyancing and solicitors who can also perform the same work. Most homeowners in Australia will opt for licensed professionals to carry out conveyancing work, rather than solicitors as it is often much cheaper and licensed professionals are great at carrying out the work. Highly complicated transactions however may call for a solicitor as they will have the legal knowledge required to handle the situation.

So how do you find the right professional?


Start with referrals

The best way to find a good conveyancer when buying new apartment developments in Sydney is to ask around, speak to your friends and family, or even your real estate agent or other professionals about who they recommend. Your best bet for finding someone you can trust is through word of mouth, and then you can be sure that others have had a good experience with them. If you don’t have any luck speaking to people you know then you should try online, reviews or online recommendations from other people can be a great place to start when it comes to weeding out the good from the bad. You should also look for one that specializes in the particular area of real estate that you’re buying and selling, for example, might specialize in apartments or sub-divisions. Once you’ve found a prospective choice, give them a call and ask them some questions to ensure you feel comfortable with them.

Here are some questions you should ask when selecting a conveyancer to help you with buying new apartment developments in Sydney:

How much do you charge?

Client and conveyancer meeting

It’s essential that you properly establish costs with any professional and check what they’re quote does and does not include. A lot of conveyance will for instance not include third party costs on their overall quote (these are called ‘disbursements’) if you think their quote doesn’t seem high enough then it is likely because the disbursements have been left off. You should request and itemised quote with all their professional fees broken down so you can see what you’re paying. You should also ask about what type of fee they charge, some places will charge a flat fee for instance so it doesn’t matter what the value of your property is whilst others will scale their fees to the price of the new apartment developments in Sydney.


When should I expect to hear from you?

Buying new apartment developments in Sydney can be stressful and regular updates can help to alleviate some stress.


Have you dealt with similar cases?

If you have an unusual or particularly complex transaction for your conveyancer when buying new apartment developments in Sydney to handle then it’s a good idea to check that they are familiar with the process and have hopefully even managed similar cases.