The first step is always the hardest for a spouse who reaches out to divorce lawyers in Sydney.

These experts cover the full range of services for those in the city facing divorce, separation as a de facto couple, establishing child custody and alimony payments to the handing over of property, assets and liabilities.

Although firms in the city have professionals with an eye for detail and ability to negotiate the legal terrain, they can only achieve results if local constituents make that initial contact.

This is the value of booking a consultation, empowering them to do the heavy lifting, work with their paralegal team and guide the individual through the muddy waters.

Time to outline the importance of seeing divorce lawyers in Sydney for a first-time appointment.


Minimising Client Risk

mother carrying her child

The longer that is left between a spouse seeing divorce lawyers in Sydney and waiting to pick up the phone, the greater the risk they can face. Especially when it comes to the custody of the child, the entitlements of property or the division of accounts, these matters require care and diligence before lodging official paperwork. That initial consultation gives the solicitor time to inform the client about their rights, their responsibilities and minimise any risk they could face in the intervening period over monetary and legal concerns.


Developing a Blueprint

The strategy that is crafted by divorce lawyers in Sydney starts for that first consultation. Although there won’t necessarily be any strings attached or financial transactions interchanged, they can outline what the next phases of the case will be for the short, medium and long-term. This is a method that won’t be official until there is a financial relationship between the representative and the client, but it allows the professional to walk the spouse through their expectations.


Opening a Dialogue

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Women and men in these circumstances can feel angry, isolated, anxious and at a total loss for where light at the end of the tunnel can be found. By engaging divorce lawyers in Sydney for an initial consultation, community members in the city have an opportunity to open up and communicated with a trusted source. These settings are entirely private and confidential, allowing participants to express themselves and identify solutions that would not be possible when receiving advice and counsel from friends and family members. That process gives peace of mind and comfort, understanding that there are specialists who offer genuine support during these tough times.


Setting Groundwork for Mediation & Dispute Resolution Processes

In a majority of cases, divorce lawyers in Sydney won’t need to represent their clients in a courtroom environment during a hearing process. In order to find an outcome that works for all parties, counsel will attend mediation sessions and dispute resolution appointments to try and reach terms with the other spouse. This will be the result of weeks of work behind the scenes, but it begins with that very first consultation, outlining the events of the separation, the history of the relationship and detailing what is at stake.


Achieving Results

The initial appointment that occurs between divorce lawyers in Sydney and their clientele is all designed around one thing: achieving a successful outcome. It first requires a leap of faith on behalf of the individual to have that discussion and make contact, but that will open the door to a series of actions that leads to a result they can be satisfied with. Solicitors require their constituents to act in good faith and work with them during each stanza, and that trust begins with a discussion weeks or even months prior.