When you decide to make a life-changing purchase you want to be sure that you have made the right decision. Looking at purchasing a new hot water cylinder is no exception to that rule. Many people don’t know what they need until it’s too late which can leave a lot of people with buyer’s remorse.

Don’t follow suit and fall into this trap. We have the things that you should be looking for when you are getting a new hot water cylinder.


How big do you want it?

The size that you need is a very obvious but important factor that you need to take into consideration. For households with just one or two people, you don’t need to buy the biggest hot water cylinder on the market. The bigger the product is the more you will be paying. However, if you’re in a large family or have roommates that love to take hour-long warm showers you should be looking at getting a larger variant. The extra money spent on the larger volume will definitely pay for itself when you aren’t waiting hours for the shower to get warm again.

Capacities and sizes vary between brands but you will find that the most common capacity points are; 135 litres, 180 litres, 250 litres and 300 litres. The dimensions will be the main varying factor between brands so make sure that you measure your space beforehand.


Where is it going to live?

Some households have the option to have their hot water cylinder installed outside as well as inside. Before you make your purchase you should consider where it will be installed. This will impact the size that you get as well as the brand. The best brands should come with multiple year warranties so if your hot water cylinder is in a heavy traffic area you want to be sure that you have that extra cover.

Where it is going to live may also impact the contractors that you get to install the product. While some professionals may be experts installing in-house appliances, you want to be sure that they are also well experienced in installing them outdoors and vice versa.


Gas, electric or solar?

Hot water cylinder system.

Another important factor you should be looking into when purchasing a hot water cylinder is what you will be using to power it. Some households run purely on electric now which means you will have to eliminate gas variants. If however your household has multiple power sources you get the luxury of deciding which variant you can get.

More and more households are shifting to solar-powered products which have caused a rise in solar hot water cylinders. The pros to going for the solar option is that since it runs from the power of the sun, you get to cut back on your power or gas bill. The downfalls though is that they only function on sunny days and are limited on cloudy, foggy or rainy days.

Gas variants produce less greenhouse emissions than electric versions and also have a continuous flow. This means that the warmth of your shower will essentially never run out. The disadvantage to gas systems is that these systems are quite large and need a decent amount of space to house. If your household is older as well you may have to upgrade the gas line for use.

Electric systems are generally cheaper and much easier to install which will save you money. Their downfall is that the heat isn’t instant so you may have to wait.

Each variant have their own merits and downfalls so make sure you take all of them into consideration when making your decision.